What is Imagine TV?

IMAGINE TV is a television fully dedicated to the entertainment. In our extremely stressful life in which bad mood,nerves and lack of time for rest are a constant companion of modern man, the main purpose of IMAGINE TV is precisely the fight against negative stress. Through beautiful pictures and wonderful music, television strives to make viewers feel more comfortable to soothe and relax, to avert the negative emotions. With unobtrusive and elegant presence, IMAGINE TV reduces tension, improves mood and greatly improves the atmosphere of each one fellows get-together, public space, workplace and adds value to the hours of solitude and rest!

What natural beauties your camera caught up lately?
Or you prefer to shoot a video especially for Imagine TV?

Imagine TV invites you to participate in a contest!

Starting date: 01.02.2016

Ending date: 29.02.2016

Don't waste time! Grab your camera!



Virgin Group Bulgaria EOOD (the “Company”) is organizing an open competition for an amateur video (the “Competition”) under the following general terms and conditions (“General Terms”):

1. Term for application

The term of application for participation in the Competition is from 00:00 on 24.12.2015 to 00:00 on 01.02.2016. Videos submitted after this deadline shall not be reviewed.

2. Application for participation

All individuals who wish to participate in the Competition (“Applicants”, and in singular form – “Applicant”) should visit the Internet address where they should fill in the registration form for participation and upload their video. By completing the application form and its submission the Applicant agrees to the General Terms.

3. Applicants

(1) Applicants in the Competition can be persons over the age of 18 (eighteen) years, who have no previous professional experience as directors and/or camera operators of movies and/or videos. The second condition will be considered fulfilled if until now the Applicant has not published any video or a movie with his participation in the capacity of a director or camera operator.

(2) The video should contain footage of natural landscapes (plants, animals, etc.).

(3) Employees of the Company, their relatives of direct line of descent without limitation in degree and collateral relatives of up to fourth degree of consanguinity are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

(4) By applying for participation pursuant to Art. 2 above, every Applicant declares that he/she meets the requirements under the two preceding paragraphs.

(5) The Applicant is individualized in the Competition by filling out the registration form when uploading a video. The registration form contains the fields: name, surname / incl. stage name /, email address, telephone, country.

(6) The Company is not responsible and does not owe compensation to the Applicant whose email address has been used by another person.

4. Personal data

(1) All personal data of the Applicant, provided by the latter with the completion and submission of the form under Art. 2 will be processed by the Company in its capacity as a data controller solely for the purposes of the Competition and will be kept by the same for a period of five (5) years from the date of their collection.

(2) The Company has the right to disclose the names of the winning Applicant and prize won from the Competition. The announcement of the winning Applicant shall be made as to avoid disclosure of personal data, except for the name and surname. For avoidance of doubt, the personal data of the Applicant will not be used for any other purpose, nor will they be provided to third parties.

5. Copyright and related rights

(1) The Applicant declares that (a) participates in the Competition in his professional capacity (without prejudice to the provisions of art. 3, par. 1 herein above) with all consequences arising thereof, (b) is a holder of all related rights to the music video with which he participates in the Competition, and to the performances included therein, as well as of the copyright to the works subject of the video, or (c) has exclusive license for the use of the copyright and related rights, which does not own.

(2) With the submission of the video and uploading it on the servers of the Company through the registration form for participation in the Competition, the Applicant grants the Company the non-exclusive right to use the video and the works and performances included in it in each of the following ways:

1. to reproduce the video and the performances and the works included therein for non-commercial purposes and to store them in the memory of various devices, including but not limited to, computers, external hard drives, USB flash drives, CD, DVD;

2. to broadcast the video and the performances and the works included therein wirelessly;

3. to transmit and retransmit the video and the performances and the works included therein via cable;

4. to offer access to the video and the performances and the works included therein or any part of any thereof wirelessly or via cable to an unlimited number of individuals in a manner allowing this access to be carried out from a place and at a time individually chosen by each person;

5. to list the video and the performances and the works included therein in charts with other videos according to the ranking rules in the corresponding chart;

6. to synchronize the video and the performances and the works included therein with a sound recording selected by the Company produced by it for the purposes of the broadcast of the thus created audio-visual work on the "Imagine TV" channel;

(3) The User has the right to assign the rights under the preceding paragraph in favor of third parties.

(4) The Applicant grants the rights under par. 2 for the territory of the entire world for a term of 5 (five) years as of the date of the first use of the vide record, respectively of the works and performances included therein, and in case any of the parties (the company and the Applicant) does not send to the other party a written notice at least 1 (one) month prior to the expiration of the 5-year term, the term under the current sentence is considered automatically renewed for a new term of 5 (five) years each time (“License Term”).

(5) The rights under paragraph 2 apply to both the video and all parts of it.

(6) For the avoidance of doubt, the Applicant represents that all financial relations between the parties (the Applicant and the Company) for the entire License Term on all copyright and related rights granted in this article are governed by these General Terms and the Company is not obliged to pay royalties to the non-profit society of composers, lyricists and music publishers for collective management of copyright MUSICAUTOR, nor to the non-profit organization for collective management for the benefit of the rights of phonogram producers and performing artists PROPHON.

(7) The Applicant represents that he holds the copyright granted in this article, the producers' and performing artists' rights to the video, respectively the works and the performances, part of the same and/ or has arranged for such rights and has the right to authorize their use in the ways specified under paragraph 2. In the event that the Company suffers any property damages due to the falsity of this representation of the Applicant, including, but not limited to, damages arising in connection with any and all remunerations, compensations, litigation fees, due to or arising out of claims of real authors, performers and/ or producers of the video, respectively the works and the performances included in the same and/ or parts thereof, the Applicant shall indemnify the Company for any such damage to their full amount.

(8) If on the occasion of or in connection with the use of the video and the works and the performances included therein, by the Company in the ways permitted by these General Terms on the Company are imposed any financial penalties by a proper authority, the Applicant is obliged to compensate it to the full amount, including the amount of the penalty imposed, all state taxes paid by the Company in connection with the contestation of the respective administrative act (and such contestation is a right and not an obligation of the Company), legal fees, etc.

6. Prize

(1) The prize, which the Company shall give to the winning Applicant, is a video camera Panasonic HC-VX870.

(2) The participation in the Competition is free of charge and is not subject to the purchase of goods or services. The prize shall be gratuitously provided by the Company.

(3) The prize won is given, if the winning Applicant meets the requirements of the General Terms.

(4) The prize is handed over personally to the winning Applicant by the Company after comparing the name on the ID card.

(5) An awarded Applicant, who has not contacted the Company to receive his prize within 10 days of notification of the Applicant at the email address with which the latter has registered for participation in the Competition, loses his rights over the prize.

(6) Exchanging the prize for money or other benefits is prohibited. The Company is not responsible for any fees, taxes or fines that may arise in connection with the receipt of the prize by the winning Applicant.

(7) The winning Applicant explicitly agrees to be photographed, filmed, interviewed and recorded after the end of the Competition for marketing purposes of the Company. The Applicant gives explicit consent for all materials created in this respect to be published, broadcast or used in any other manner by the Company, without the latter owing any additional remuneration to the Applicant.

7. Entry into force and amendment of the General Terms

(1) These General Terms shall enter into force from the moment of their publication on the website and are in effect until the fulfillment of all obligations of the Applicant and the Company under them, and Art. 5 of the General Terms survives their termination.

(2) The Company determines the General Terms for participation the Competition and has the right to amend and supplement them unilaterally. The new General Terms shall enter into force from the moment of their announcement on the website of the Competition, which is located on the Internet address specified in Art. 2 above.

(3) The Company has the right at any time to suspend the implementation of the Competition, as well as to temporarily or permanently terminate the participation of the Applicant in it, if the latter does not comply with the established rules. The implementation of the Competition shall be suspended from the date of publication of a notice of this fact on the website of the Competition. The termination of the participation of the Applicant is done with unilateral statement addressed to him by the team of the Company via email.

8. Governing law and agreement on jurisdiction

The Applicant and the Company agree that these General Terms and all relations arising from or related thereto, shall be settled in accordance with the provisions of Bulgarian law. In the event of any dispute between the parties, they should make all reasonable effort to settle it through negotiations, and if this fails, before the competent Bulgarian court.



What natural beauties your camera caught up lately? Or you prefer to shoot a video especially for Imagine TV?

Imagine TV invites you to participate in a contest:


Upload your 4K or HD video of a nature beauty, share with us your latest experience of amazing pictures and views! Show to the others what your camera faced lately!

The length should be no longer than 5 minutes.

The video sent after 29.02.2016, will not be accepted.


The team of Imagine TV will vote and one of your videos will win 4K Ultra HD Video and 8MP Still Photo Panasonic HC-VX870 Camera!


Don't waste time! Grab your camera,


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